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We do not process any credit cards or personal information directly on this website.
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We use Paypal as our credit card processor/secure payment gateway.

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Can I use my Etsy account to make a purchase from your website?


Yes! If you want to check out via Etsy copy and paste your order, as it appears in the Paypal Shopping Cart and email or text me that you want to check out via Etsy.
We accept major credit cards!

What type of Earring Style to you have?
Our earrings are either .925 sterling silver or 14k gold-plated. We can make earrings to match any bracelet or necklace design. We have 3 options for sterling silver; French Hook, Post and Leverback. We offer the leverback only in the gold. See pictures below...

French Hook Earrings Sterling Silver Post Earrings Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings Gold Lever Back Earrings
French Hook Post SS Lever Back GF Lever Back

In Memory, Hope, Survivor, Courage Beads
You may add these beads to any of our designs. Each page should have that option. If it doesn't please contact us. There are sterling silver and strung with the other beads onto the bracelet. You may add them later but the bracelet will have to be sent back and restrung. Size: Width: 3/7" - Height: 1/3"


I get an error message when I click ADD TO CART.
If you have upgraded your internet browser (like I did) you might be getting an error message when you click ADD TO CART. On the top of your screen it may say, "We have restricted this web page from running scripts or Active X controls that could access your computer." or something along those lines. You can click ALLOW so the details of your bracelet, necklace or earring order goes through. You will then be taken to a SECURE web page to put in your credit card information. If you have any concerns you may call me with your order.


Is your website secure?
This is a 2-fold question. My website payment processing area IS SECURE. All of your personal and financial information you enter in will be encrypted when it is sent through. You will not enter any personal information on my web pages, just details about your order, color, size, length, clasp etc... after you push ADD TO CART you will be sent to the payment processing page which IS SECURE. I have been in business or 14 years and NEVER had any problems =)

Do you offer 14k solid gold beads?
Yes, we offer 14k solid gold beads but we only use them in our name necklaces. We offer 14k gold-filled beads for bracelets. The 14k gold-filled are stronger because the gold is laid over sterling silver.

What are the 14k gold plated beads made out of?
"The 14K GF also known as 14K/20 is basically a 14K gold layer bonded by heat and pressure to a base metal (usually brass) core. Because of thickness or gold layer and the process of bonding creates a long lasting gold layer. By the way, /20 means that the part has 20th (1/20 i.e 5%) gold content in there. By definition of GF the gold layer has to be at least 10K gold. So 14K is far superior than the minimum required by law of 10K."RG

Where can I get 14k gold block letters?
We offer 14k gold block letters but our supplier is discontinuing them and we have not been able to find them any where else. "Material of the 14k gold block letters: .925 Sterling Silver Plated with 14K Gold (Vermeil)" CF

How long will it take to get my Mother Bracelet or Mother Necklace?
If you pay by Credit Card, online, it generally takes 1 business day to create and send your personalized mother bracelet or mothers necklace. She our shipping options. If you pay by Echeck it takes longer because Echecks can take up to 6 days to clear.

Can I wear my sterling silver bracelet 24 hours a day?
No. You shouldn't wear any valuable jewelry, shoes or clothing while cleaning, bathing, swimming or sleeping etc... My designer bracelets are handmade with, in many cases, handmade beads. My 2 favorite bracelets I have worn every day for 3+ years and they still look fabulous. The oldest bracelet I have restrung, so far, was 5 years old. If you properly care for sterling silver, it can last a lifetime!

How do the cheaper Pewter beads hold up?
I started carring Pewter as an affordable alternative to sterling silver. The Pewter beads are less expensive and thus a lower quality and softer metal. Some of my alphabet letter blocks are Pewter. The pewter bracelets are much cheaper and the description WILL SAY pewter, if they are pewter. Pewter is a more affordable alternative to sterling silver but it will darken with time and is not as durable. The time will vary depending on amount of wear and the amount of contact with water, oils, lotions, sprays etc. As with the sterling you cannot wear any handmade jewelry 24 hours a day.

Shipping Options
Shipping times vary depending on the shipping method you chose at the end of the payment process.
Some times Paypal/my payment processor will NOT let you change the shipping preferences during checkout. It is a glitch in their system. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you need it expedited and that option wasn't available during checkout please call or email me
. If you have a Paypal Account you can send $6 for USPS Domestic Priority Mail or $25 for USPS Express Mail to

Swarovski Pearls
Shapes: Round
Size: 10mm

Swarovski Pearls 10mm

How do I know what size to order?

Mothers Bracelets: If you are unsure about the bracelet size to order measure your wrist and add 3/4" to 1" for bracelets. FYI - 85% of all bracelets are 7 1/2".
Mother's Necklaces:
The 18" necklaces will not hang down very far. A 36" necklace would be a necklace you would wear similar to a charm necklace or a prayer box necklace over a big sweater.

How many names can I get on one Mother's Bracelet?
You can have up to five strings per Mother's Bracelet and up to four names per string. If your childrens names are only 3-4 letters long I can get 4 names on most bracelets but you will NOT have many other pretty beads on there. Technically, you could have 20 names on a 5 string bracelet (if the names are only 3 letters each). On Mother's Necklaces you could have up to 20 names!

Swarovski Crystal Elements
Shapes: Cube, Square, Diamond, Round, Bicone
Sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
Dark Red / Burgundy / January can symbolize brain aneurysm, headaches, hemangioma, myelomas, adults with disabilities awareness and support, amyloidosis...
Purple / Feb symbolizes pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, domestic violence, alzheimer's disease, religious tolerance, animal abuse, Crohn's disease and colitis, cystic fibrosis, lupus, leimyosarcoma, and fibromyalgia
Aquamarine / Mar
Clear / White / Pearl / Aprilsymbolizes violence against women, peace, right to life, bone cancer, and retinal blastoma
Green / May symbolizes depression, the environment, kidney cancer, liver, tissue/organ donation, homeopathy...
Light Purple / Jun this color isa general cancer awareness color also symbolizes epilepsy, rett syndrome...
Red / Jul symbolizes AIDS and HIV, heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, MADD, DARE and more...
Light Green / Aug can be a symbol for celiac disease
Dark Blue / Sep can be a symbol of drunk driving, child abuse prevention, domestic violence, pro-choice, Epstein-Barr Virus, colon cancer (can be brown), colorectal cancer (can be brown)...
Pink / Oct most commonly associated with breast cancer.
Orange / Nov symbolizes leukemia, hunger, cultural diversity, humane treatment of animals, and self-injury awareness
Light Blue / Dec symbolizes Light Blue / Dec symbolizes childhood cancers, Prostate Cancer and pro-choice
 Yellow symbolizes military support, MIA/POW, suicide prevention, adoptive parents, bladder cancer, spina bifida, endometriosis and Sarcoma/bone cancer. Yellow is also a symbol of Hope.
Black symbolizes melanoma
Teal symbolizes ovarian cancer, cervical cancer , and uterine cancers, poly cystic ovarian syndrome...
Grey symbolizes brain cancer and Juvenile Diabetes.
Grey symbolizes brain cancer and Juvenile Diabetes.
Grey symbolizes brain cancer and Juvenile Diabetes.



Can I add another name later?
Yes, you may add additional names later (space permitting).
You will need to send the bracelet back to me to add additional strings or additional names to existing strings.

How do I know
We use "professional grade" strong, flexible & kink resistant stainless steel beading wire. The wire we use actually has 49 strands (7 bundles of 7 wires) twisted together. We also use high quality sterling silver, 14k gold-filled beads, true Swarovski crystals (R) and other semi-precious gems stones in products.
We have now started carrying Pewter to offer our customers an affordable alternative to sterling silver. Pewter is a less expensive metal and as such not as durable as the sterling and gold we have carried for 12+ years.

Do you offer numbers? Could I have my baby's name and birth date on the bracelet?
Yes! You would just order a 2 string bracelet for one child, or a 4 string bracelet for 2 children. You could put both name and date on one string (space permitting) but you will pay extra for every letter or number over 9 letters per string. I only carry numbers in sterling silver. I don't have numbers in my gold or pewter alphabet block letters.

Is there lead in the crystal beads? I thought lead was dangerous as the body can absorb it.
Yes, there is lead in true crystal beads. This lead is what gives the bead a lot of its sparkle. The lead is processed into the glass, making it crystal. My jewelry with Swarovski crystals in it is NOT intended for children under 13 years old.
Swarovski has not started removing the lead from all its crystals. Eventually none of the beads I buy from Swarovski will have any lead in them, but they DO still sparkle.

I have an estimate you gave me last month. Is it still good? Written estimates are good for 10 days due to the fluctuating sterling and gold markets.

I have additional questions. How do I contact you?
You may call or email us with your questions or special orders!

Will there be sales tax added to my order?
Only if you live in North Carolina. The NC sales tax is 6.75-7% (depending on the county you live). That is only items shipped to North Carolina. All other states will not have sales tax applied.


We offer different types of NECKLACES...
Rolo Chain Sterling Silver
ball chain
Snake Chain Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Rolo Chain
Sterling Silver
Ball Chain

Sterling Silver
Snake Chain

Leather Necklace
We offer different types of BRACELETS...
Black Leather
Rolo Chain Sterling Silver
Snake Chain Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Rolo Chain

Sterling Silver
Snake Chain


Child Sized Bracelets: These bracelets are not intended for young children who put things in their mouths. I use professional grade beading wire which is 7 strands bundled together with 7 additional bundles for a total of 49 strands but sometimes they do break and a child could choke on a small bead. Please monitor all children who are wearing bracelets with beads. I do not use Swarovski crystals in bracelets for children under 13. My Swarovski crystal jewelry is NOT intended for children under 13 years old.

How do I clean my sterling silver jewelry?


We also carry symbols in the 4.5mm and 5.5mm blocks.

Star of David
question mark
Colon for Bible Verse


Star of David