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Turquoise Name Bracelet for Mothers and Grandmothers

6mm Turquoise Beads
4mm Turquoise Beads

Healing Properties of Turquoise

Many people feel that Turquoise is a healing stone. They say it is good for protection against exhaustion, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Overall it is supposed to bring serenity, balance and peace. If you are into Chakra and balancing energies it is supposed to stimulate and harmonize the Throat Chakra.

Proper Care of Turquoise

Turquoise is a hydrous compound of copper and aluminum, so it loses color when it loses water. To keep your turquoise from becoming dehydrated, it is a good idea to water it, as you would your houseplants, with pure saline water periodically to revive or maintain color. (If salty ocean mist makes the statue of liberty, which is made of solid copper, turn green, it will do the same for your turquoise.)
Turquoise is porous, so chemicals can damage it. Use only pure water and a soft cloth to wipe it clean, and you can clean your turquoise frequently without causing damage. The natural oil of your skin is good for turquoise, and it will naturally polish it when you wear it. If it is set in silver, wearing if often will also keep the silver from tarnishing. Silver polish will damage the surface of turquoise.
Don't store turquoise with harder gemstones or other materials that might rub against it and cause damage. Turquoise can fade in sunlight, excessive sweat, chlorine bleach and dishwater.

I can add Turquoise beads to any of my designs on this website. Here are two Turquoise Mother Bracelet designs with kids' names and birth dates. I use only the highest quality Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled and Gemstones available!!! If you had 9 grandkids and they all had really short names you could put all 9 names on a 3-string bracelet or I can do initials or monograms. I love making pretty things and I would love to make a lifetime keepsake for you!

1 string, 2 string, 3 string, 4 string or 5 strings

Design 1


I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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