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Chakra Bracelet™ with Swarovski Crystals with 8mm bicones - DBLCh1

Chakra Bracelet DBLCh1 - Chakra Meanings - Chakra colors
Chakra 1 Bracelet™

Chakra Bracelet™ #1 - $79+

Item: DBL-Ch1

This Chakra Bracelet™ is made with 8mm bicone Swarovski Crystals representing the chakras; From left to right; Red - Root or Base Chakra, Orange - Sacral Chakra, Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra, Green - Heart Chakra, Blue- Throat Chakra, Purple- Third Eye Chakra, Violet - Crown Chakra

Chakras are like wheels of energy the run parallel to our spine from our tail bone (root chakra) to the top of our head (crown chakra). If the wheels aren't turning your are not going to be balanced physically, emotionally or spiritually. These imbalances or blockages effect every aspect of our bodies so it is very important that we keep the wheels turning.

I put the intention of opening up your individual chakras (represented by a color in this bracelet) in each custom bracelet I make with the goal/intention being you balanced and whole. You will need to be open to accepting the energy and pure love.

Measure your wrist and add 3/4" to 1" depending on how loose you like your bracelets.
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Chakra earrings
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Chakra Bracelet - Design 1
This bracelet is shown with 3 add-ons: Heart Lobster Claw Claps, YIN YANG charm & Heart within a Heart charm.

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Area of Body
Color Aspect
Crown Chakra
Violet Understanding, Knowledge
Third Eye Chakra
Purple Forgiveness, Inner Vision
Throat Chakra
Blue Improved Communications
Heart Chakra
Green Compassion, Confidence
Solar Plexus Chakra
Yellow Morality, Charity
Sacral Chakra
Orange Attraction, Concentration
Root or Base Chakra
Red Grounding, Balance
Perfect fit & quality guaranteed - All orders placed today will be send out the next business day! *

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*Perfect fit & Quality Guarantee... I send all in-stock items out the next business day with just a few exceptions (see shipping page for postal holidays and exceptions ). Items must be paid with credit card (E-check can take up to 10 days to process). During holidays lead time increases. Each piece is individually and custom made by Designs by Leigha(TM) and may not contain the exact beads or clasp shown in the photograph, but probably will :) Most of my bracelet designs may have up to 9 alphabet block letters per string. There are some exceptions to that rule... Additional letters per string; .925 sterling silver $3.00/ea & 14k gold-plated $4.00/ea. Because of the fluctuating silver and gold markets prices are subject to change without notice. Our Swarovski crystal designs are not intended for the creation of children's jewelry nor intended for use by children under the age of thirteen. **Free Shipping is for all orders placed online, going to an US address and over $20.


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