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Charm Bracelet Gallery

Here are some sample charm bracelets. You pick the charms...

4 Birthstone Charm Bracelet, Filigree Mom Charm, Live Love Laugh Charm and a #1 Dog Charm.

22 Birthstone Charm Bracelet 

You will need to call to place an order for 10 or more birthstones because of the limitations of ordering with my ordering software - I look forward to your call =)

7 Birthstone Charm Bracelet
Order: 7 Birthstone Crystal Dangles, A Teddy Bear Charm and a Baby Carriage Charm.

8 Birthstone Charm Bracelet 
Order: 8 Birthstone Crystal Dangles. They upgraded to a Heart Toggle clasp.


Photo Frame Charm Bracelet  DBL-CB10-build Order: 1-Square Picture Frame Charm, 4-Heart Picture Frame Charms, Angel with Wings, Autism Ribbon

Photo Frame Charm Bracelet DBL-CB10-build - Order: 5-Square Picture Frame Charms, 3-Birthstone Crystal Dangles, Girl Booties, Filigree MOM charm, Baby Carriage

Photo Frame Charm Bracelet 
Order: 5-Square Picture Frame Charms, 6-Birthstone Crystal Dangles, Baby Carriage Charm, LOVE Filigree Charm. They upgraded to a Heavy Heart Toggle Clasp.

Eight square textured picture frame charm bracelets - all .925 sterling silver. Holds 16 pictures (front/back).

Smooth Picture Frame Charms, FAMILY charm, September Birthsotne Crystal Dangle and GRANDMA charm (it is hard to see) with a lobster claw clasp.

Grandma Charm Bracelet shown with 2 picture frame charms,
Grandma charm, Puffed Heart charm, February Birthstone Crystal Dangle and a free Twisted Toggle clasp. 

This FAMILY Charm bracelet is shown with a Teddy Bead carhm, Filigree Love charm, Boy Profile Charm, Baby Boy Booties Charm, FAMILY charm, Angel with Wings charm, Heart within a Heart charm and a Fancy Cross charm.

This picture frame charm bracelet is shown with 5 picture frame charms and 3 add-ons: They upgraded to a Heart Toggle clasp and added 2 charms: a Teddy Bear Charm and an Angel Charm

This bracelet comes with 5 square sterling silver picture frame charms included in the price. They added: Peace Sign, 4 BICONE Birthstone Crystal dangles and a Grandma charm (the Grandma charm is hard to see) and they upgraded to a Heart Toggle clasp.

Dog Lover / Dog House Photo Charm Bracelet comes with 5 Dog House or Cat Picture Frame Charms. The perfect gift for a Fur Mommy with Fur Babies! I would be happy to insert the photographs into the Dog Picture Frame charms, if you would prefer.
Dog Frame / Cat Frame / Photo Frame Charm Bracelet 

Charms shown: Dog Bone charm, Dog House Photo Frame, TOP DOG charm, Paw Print Charm, Dog House Photo Frame, I HEART DOGS.

Two bracelets are shown here for 2 Best Friends. They upgraded to Heart Lobster Clasps.

I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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