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Metal Markets: Silver $23.42 Gold $1933.20

Grandma Bracelets for Nanny, Gma, GiGi, Nana...

You may add "grandma" and birthstones to any of my designs. Here are a few samples of my Grandma Bracelets. What do you call your grandma? Grammy, Grandma, Granny, Mama, GiGi, Mormor, MAMA, MIMI, Gram, Gran, Grandmother. All of these bracelets are available in more than 1 string for grandmas with LOTS of grandkids. Some are shown with charms... charms are optional. Some are shown with upgraded clasps. All bracelets come with your choice of a lobster or toggle clasp for free.
This is a brithstone crystal bracelet says Granny with her grandkids' birthstones.
Enter: Jan May Jun Oct GRANNY Nov Dec MayMar 
Charms: Praying Boy & Praying Girl Charms DBL-Gma1 - $69+


This is a Gold Grandma Bracelet. They put GRANDMA on the bracelet with Aquamarine or March Crystals before and after GRANDMA. They also added 3 things to their order: A Heart Lobster Claw Clasp, A 14k gold-plated Puffed Heart Charm and an Aquamarine or March Birthstone Crystal Dangle.
DBL-Gold2 - $99+

I Heart Granmda Bracelet with Birthstone Crystals and a Beaded Heart Charm DBL-GMA3 - $59+
They picked a toggle clasp and added 2 Square Textured Picture frame charms to their order. I would be happy to insert the picture inside the frames for you. Just call, text or email me as soon as you place your order so that I don't make it and ship it before I get the pictures to insert =)
- $119+

Item: DBL-BB-G4-2 string bracelet
I can also add a second string with GRANDMA or AUNT or MOMMY on it. 
Enter: 1/GRANDMA 2/Jul Nov Feb May Feb Oct Jul DBL-Gma5 - $89 (per string)



Crystal Birthstone Bracelet for Grandma, Nana, MAMA, MAWMAW, Nanny

DBL-Gma6 - $79

GMA8 Gold Grandma Bracelet with 12 birthstone crystals DBL-Gma8 - $99
Birthstone Bracelet for a MOM and NANA DBL-Gma9 - $99 (per string)

GRAMMY Birthstone Bracelet - Topaz and Emerald Shown DBL-Gma11 - $238 + Charms
This Grammy Bracelet is shown with GRANNY and September or Sapphire warski Square Crystals and one of my free Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp. You choose the name(s). They added 3 things to their order... A Boy Cutout Charm, Girl Cutout Charm and a Beaded Heart Charm. DBL-Gma13 - $99 + Charms
This Gold GIGI Birthstone Bracelet showns 6 birthstone Crystals (January / Garnet, February / Amethyst, April / Diamond, July / Ruby, November / Golden Topaz, December / Blue Topaz. They upgraded to the Heart Toggle clasp. All the beads are 14k gold-filled, .925 sterling silver or genuine warski 6mm cubes or square crystals. You may add charms to this design or multiple strings if you would like to put all the grandkids names on the bracelet with their birthstones. DBL-Gma14 - $99
Grandma Birthstone Bracelet with Grandma written on the bracelet and shown with 3 birthstones. They added a Fancy Cross Charm - 100 of charm options. DBL-Gma15 - $99 + Charms

Grandma birthstone bracelet shown with an upgraded Heart Lobster clasp and they added a Fancy Cross charm. They picked Sapphire or September Birthstone cyrstals by warski.

DBL-Gma16 - $79 + Charms

This is a 1-string NANA Bracelet with 4/8 birthstones for her grandkids. Shown with a lobster claw clasp. I can do up to 12 different birth months on this design!

DBL-Gma17 - $79

DBL-G6-1 string 
This is a 1- bracelet with 1 name.
This is a 1-string Gold Grammy Name Bracelet with GRAMMY. They added a Heart shaped Engravable charm. I don't have an engraving machine so they will take it to the engravers when they get it in the mail. They also picked one of my beautiful free Twisted Toggle clasps.
DBL-Gold6 - $119+

I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you, P.P.

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