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Memorial Beads & Jewelry

Flower Petal Colors

Flower petals change colors when they dry, depending on the drying conditions. I recommend you dry the flowers using "flower drying crystals" to try to retain the original colors of the flower petals. However even when this drying method is used, sometimes but not all the time, flower petals will change colors when placed into the resin. For example, white can change to yellow and some pink and purple flowers can actually change to green... Some of the flower petals shown on this page CHANGED while dried and put into the resin to make the beads and some didn't. I would be happy to dry them for you but during hot weather your FRESH or dried flower petals may turn brown during transit.
Wedding Flower Bouqet Beads

Beautiful, personal and expressive Memorial Beads and Memorial Beaded Jewelry is a way for you to keep a loved one close to your heart. I have lots of different Memorial Bracelets & Necklace designs. All of my Memorial Flower Beads are custom made by me from the funeral flowers after you send them to me. I usually make and ship everything within 24 hours but if you order a custom made Memorial Flower Bead piece, please allow a few extra days for me to make and ship the piece(s). The handmade Memorial Beads take 48 hours to cure. Please note that all Memorial Flower Beads are handmade and each one is different and unique.

Memorial Flower Beaded Jewelry

If you are ordering a personalized Memorial Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet, Earrings or Pendant custom made with the flowers from the funeral, after you place your order you will be taken to a page that explains how to send me your flowers. If for some reason you are not taken to that page, I also email everyone with the information.

*VOC-Free (Volatile Organic Compounds)

My Resin Beads that I make from flowers are VOC FREE!. VOCs are chemicals given off by products that have been linked to respiratory illnesses. My resin beads are VOC free!

VOC free and BPA free non-toxic resin

*BPA-Free (Bisphenol A)

BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. My resin beads are BPA FREE!

Memorial Flower Beads

You may order individual beads and create your own bracelet, necklace or earrings. I have Round (15mm or 19mm), Square (12mm or 16mm), Oval (12 x 14mm or 15 x 19mm), Diamond (12mm or 15mm), Faceted Square (9mm or 12mm) and Oblong (7 x 11mm or 10 x 16mm) Memorial Beads.

Round Memorial

Round Memorial Beads 15mm (.5in) or 19mm (.7in)

Square Memorial

Square Memorial Beads 12mm (.4") or 16mm (.6")

Oval Memorial

Oval Memorial Beads with Purple Flowers 12 x 14mm or 15 x 19mm

Diamond Memorial

Diamond Memorial Beads 12mm (.4") or 15mm (.5")

Faceted Memorial

Faceted Square Memorial Beads 9mm (.3") or 12mm (.5")

Rondelle Memorial

Oblong Memorial Beads 7 x 11mm or 10 x 16mm

Memorial Flower Beaded Bracelets

This is a large 16mm (5/8") Memorial or Funeral Flowers Bracelet. I made the Funeral Flower Beads with the flowers they sent to me and with Resin that is VOC-free* and BPA-free*.

Large 16mm - $59

DBL-Mem-03This is a 16mm Rondelle Beaded Bracelet using Flowers from the Funeral.

Large 16mm - $69

This is a Leather and Sterling Silver Bracelet with 3 charms: Initial Disk (.925 sterling silver), 12mm Memorial Bead and a Heart Charm (.925 sterling silver).

Leather / Sterling Silver - $59

DBL-Mem-05 This is a Bangle Bracelet with 3 charms: Initial Disk (.925 sterling silver), 12mm Memorial Bead and a Heart Charm (.925 sterling silver). The bangle bracelet somes in 2 styles: silver-tone and .925 sterling silver.

Bangle Bracelet - $69

Memorial Flower Necklaces

Memorial Flower Pendants

Shapes: Oval, Square, Rondelle, Round, Faceted & Diamond
Sizes: Medium & Large for each shape

Oval Memorial Bead Pendant

Coming Soon! Call, email or text to place your order.
Purple oval memorial bead pendant.



Yellow Rose Flower Beaded Bracelet - Non-Toxic Memorial Flower Beads

Coming Soon!

Yellow Rose Flower Beaded Bracelet - Non-Toxic Memorial Flower Beads

Key Chain - $22

I will mail the flowers to you, ASAP.. I understand that the flower petals will change color during the drying process and when placed into the VOC free resin.

Add Silver Polishing Cloth for cleaning (+ $5)

Add Gift Wrap -

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I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you, P.P.

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