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Family Monogram Bracelets Gallery

You can put a Monogram or add a FAMILY charm to all of my designs... here are a few - pick your favorite from this page or any page on my website.

DBL-Monogram-Bracelet-1 ROB Monogram Bracelet with an upgraded Heart Lobster clasp.


Birthstone Monogram Bracelet DBL-MB3 AKS/Jul BHM/Nov MES/Sep LCM/Nov


DBL-MB3 Monogram Bracelet - Enter: CJ/July - AC/June to order a bracelet like this one. They upgraded to the Star Clasp and added 2 birthstone crystal dangles.


DBL-MB6 - This Monogram Bracelet is shown with kids' names but it is just  a representation so you can see what it will look like with kids initials


Sterling Silver Initials or Monogram bracelet for Mommy or Grandma - DBL-MB7 - 4 sets of initials


DBL-MB8 - Monogram Bracelet with 3 sets of initials in Hebrew or English. They added a Star of David Charm.


DBL-MB5-1string bracelet with 3 "names".
Enter: BCB/Mar - NANA - SGB/Aug
This is a one string bracelet. NANA has 2 grandkids so we put one on each side of NANA and accented their intiials with their birthstone crystals. BCB is March or Aquamarine Swarovski crystals and SGB is August or Peridot Swarovski crystals. The picked the free lobster clasp and added a sterling silver Puffed Heart Charm.


DBL-MB11-1string with 2 sets of initals
This Gold & Bali Birthstone Monogram Bracelet is a 1 string bracelet with her kids' initials and favorite colors.


K/Nov R/Oct A/Oct A/Aug B/Dec J/Oct - DBL-MB21-Initials


String 1: D/Jan A/Aug D/Mar F/Jul N/Nov D/Mar R/Sep T/Jun S/Nov
String 2: 0/Oct B/Feb J/Jun A/Mar H/Jun M/Jul D/Oct A/Nov
Shown with a gold lobster claw clasp and a GRANDMA charm.



I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

more unsolicited feedback...

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