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Personalized Necklaces (Gold & Sterling)

Birthstone Necklaces, Greek Necklaces, Name Necklaces, Charm Necklaces with Birthstone Charms, Kid Charms, Boy Charms, Girl Charms, Birthstone Crystals, Gold, Sterling Silver, Swaroski...

New Gold Initial Charm Necklaces

Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace with 3 birthstones - November, August and September


Grandma Hand-Stamped Birthstone Necklace - $39+

Swarovski Crystal Channel Birthstone Necklace shown with 3 birthstone charms - February, June, February


Mommy Hand-Stamped Birthstone Necklace - $39+

Birthstone Heart Charm Necklace with Birthstone Charms - DBL-BN-N2- Swarovski


Heart Necklace with Crystal Birthstone Charms - $34+

Birthstone Heart Charm Necklace with semi precious gemstones - DBL-BN-N2-Gemstones


Heart Necklace with Gemstone Birthstone Charms - $39+

DBL-BN-N6-Sterling Silver & DBL-BN-N6-GOLD

The Silver Children Charm necklace is shown with 3 Boy Charms. The Gold Children Charm necklace is shown with 2 Boy Charms & 2 Girl Charms.

DBL-BN-N6-Sterling DBL-BN-N6-Gold

*Boy and Girl Smooth Charm Necklace- $29+

2 Boys and 1 girl charm necklace with birthstones


Boy/Girl Birthstone/Initial Charm Necklaces - $39-$99

Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace with lots of birthstone charms.


*Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Charm Necklace - $29+

Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace with 4 birthstones - January January August February


*Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Charm Necklace with Spacers - $39+

Charms and Spacers for Charm Necklace

DBL-BN-N3/N4-Charms Only

Swarovski Birthstone Charms - $10

DBL-BN-N11 Swarovski Channel Birthstone Necklace shown with 3 birthstone charms - February, June, February


*6mm Swarovski Channel Birthstone Crystal Necklace No Spacers- $24+

Swarovski Crystal Channel Birthstone Necklace shown with 3 birthstone charms - March, December and June and includes spacer beads


*6mm Swarovski Channel Birthstone Crystal Necklace with Spacers - $28+

Birthstone Charms to add to an existing bracelet or necklace

DBL-BN-N11/N12-Charms Only

6mm Swarovski Channel Birthstones - $6

Tree of Life Necklace


Tree of Life Necklace #1 - $26+

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace


Tree of Life Necklace #2 - $29+

Gold Birthstone Necklace shown with 10 Birthstone Charms

May, February, December, January, November, September, July, March, June, July


Gold Birthstone Necklace - $37+

This is a sterling silver Chinese Symbol for Love necklace on a sterling silver Ball Chain. I also have the Chinese symbols for Success and Wealth.


Chinese Symbol Necklace - $39

Sterling Silver Sports Charm Necklace with Kids PIctures and your choice of sports charms: baseball, tennis, soccer, football, basketball, golf, cheer...


1 Set of Charms - $39+

12 birthstone necklace with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads - DBL-BN-13


Birthstone Necklace - $89

Survivor Necklace - Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystals- Cancer Charms


Cancer Survivor Necklace - $36+

Initial Birthtone Necklace with a Sterling Silver Charm with an initial and a Swarovski Crystal Birthstone

DBL-N-22-Oval with Initials

Oval Initial Charm Necklace - $34+

Heart L Initial Birthstone Charm Necklace with a sterling silver round initial charm (9mm) on a sterling silver necklace chain

DBL-N-23-Round with Initials

Round Initial Charm Necklace - $29-$99

3 Round Initial Charm Necklaces on sterling silver chains - W and A and L

DBL-N-24 Round Initial Charms

Round Initial Necklaces - $29-$99

Leather Initial and Birthstone Necklaces - DBL-N-25

DBL-N-25 Leather Initial Necklaces

Leather Initial Necklaces - $39-$99

Sterling Silver Running Charm Necklaces for Runners

CC-N-Runner Charm Necklaces

Sterling Silver Charm Necklaces - $19+

Birthstone Bali Necklace with Birthstone Crystals


Swarovski Birthstone Necklace - $129+




Sterling Silver or Gold Name Necklaces

I have lots of Gold Name Necklace and Sterling Silver Name Necklace designs to customize here. The letter blocks are either 4.5mm or 5.5mm. You may put initials or monograms instead of names to make it a personalized Initial Necklace or Monogram Necklace. Note: With the sterling silver SNAKE chains you may add additional block letters yourself, at any time, in the future. Call or email me with questions or to order over the phone (615) 490-2177.

Best Mommy Ever Necklace - JBL-SNameNecklace


Snake Chain Name Necklace - $19+

DBL-N-ROLO Necklace Enter: (flower)JORDYN(flower) Pick: 8 characters  Choose: 18" necklace


Rolo Chain Name Necklace - $19+

Ball Chain Name Necklace with Hebrew or English Names or Sayings


Ball Chain Name Necklace - $19+

Gold Name Necklaces - Initials or Monogram


Gold Initial Necklace - $39

Gold Block Name Necklace with Gold Block Letters on a Gold Chain - JBL-N-Gold-Blocks


Gold Name Necklace - $39+

Sterling Silver I HOPE YOU DANCE Necklace - any message


I Hope You Dance Necklace - $75

Beaded Name Necklace


Beaded Name Necklace - $129+

Best MOM (charm) Ever Necklace


Best Mom Ever Charm Necklace - $61+

symbols include a blank bead, cross bead, questions mark bead, heart bead, flower bead, colon bead, ampersand bead, star of david bead


Names/Initials/Sayings - $29+

Smooth and Corrugated Smooth Necklace


Beaded Name Necklace - $141+

Greek Necklaces


Greek Necklaces - $39

Greek Necklaces


Silver/Gold WWJD Necklaces - $24/$29

Picture Frame Charm Necklaces

Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 1 Photo Frame Charm


1 Picture Frame Necklace - $49


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 2 Photo Frame Charms


2 Picture Frame Necklace - $69


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 3 Photo Frame Charms


3 Picture Frame Necklace - $89


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 4 Photo Frame Charms


4 Picture Frame Necklace - $109


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 5 Photo Frame Charms


5 Picture Frame Necklace - $129


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 6 Photo Frame Charms


6 Picture Frame Necklace - $149


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 7 Photo Frame Charms


7 Picture Frame Necklace - $169


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 8 Photo Frame Charms


8 Picture Frame Necklace - $189


Picture Frame Charm Necklace with 9 Photo Frame Charms


9 Picture Frame Necklace - $209



Jewelry Sets

I have 2 samples to show you what a jewelry set could look like. You may ordering a coordinating necklace and earrings with all of my bracelets designs. Every bracelet ordering page on my website should have the option to add a coordinating necklace and/or earrings. If you just want to order a necklace (no bracelet or earrings) or a special order please contact me.

DBL-SS6-Necklace shown with December and March Birthstone Crystals (Blue Topaz and Aquamarine)
Ruby Birthstone Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
Gold February Birthstone Bracelet with beatuiful purple Amethyst round beads. Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings and Ankelets available.

I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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